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Jungle Salon + SPA

Jungle hair salon + SPA is the exotic salon and spa escape retreat perfect for your hair and body. Jungle has beautiful decor and pleasant sounds. Experience jungle salon and spa. Deep soapy shampoo bath and  conditioning.  Jungle Salon and Spa is pure bliss!          SHAMPOO BATH Deep warm cleansing water to give you the most relaxing shampoo bath. The warm water and oil caressed into your skin will start to relax you.  The water and oil will begin to cleanse you all over just listen to sounds of the jungle. I will take it very slow with you to provide the most calming shampoo bath experience possible. Close your eyes and allow me to squeeze the hand towel over your face. Visit Jungle Salon + SPA for the whole experience.               BOOK AN APPOINTMENT LOCATION We are located in the Energy Corridor, Relax in the inviting, convivial environment before or after an appointment.   For more information about Jungle salon + SPA mobile services to homes and hotel send  your email. 10:30am

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